Castle Christmas Merchants 2016

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Pecan Creek Winery

Pecan Creek Winery is created with Midwestern sensibilities of balance and pride. Every person involved from the vineyard to your table is passionate about their work, the wine, and the well-being of the environment. We are proud of our Oklahoma grapes and our practical approach to winemaking. We make the wine that the grapes want to become. We are also proud of our contribution to the local community in employment, in teaching, in local arts and in producing fun events. We are passionate about creating outstanding local wines that will make you proud too. Visit us on Facebook too! Wine tasting available inside The Castle November 24-27th and December 1st-4th, 8th-11th, and 15th-31st.

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Classic Kettle Corn

We use all natural ingredients to make our great tasting gourmet kettle corn. Our recipe is finely tuned to provide a very pleasing and delicious taste that makes your mouth water and keeps you coming back for more. We cook it in 100% corn oil and add just enough sugar and salt to give it that slightly sweet and slightly salty taste that makes you crave another handful. Our Kettle Corn is a great Gluten, Dairy and Peanut free treat! Just outside The Castle every night the inside is open.

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The Masque Shoppe

Masks for every occasion for holidays and parties throughout the year. Great prices and selection! Inside The Castle every night The Castle is open indoors.

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Make Your Own Candles, Sand Art, and Wax Hands

Use your imagination to make a unique and memorable gift. Create color and scent combinations in a variety of styles and sizes of glass containers. Make sand art for display or candles to light the night. Have your hand immortalized in wax! Inside The Castle every night The Castle is open indoors.

xtreme leather - ernie cox

XTream Leatherworks

We are an Oklahoma based Leatherworking company dedicated to producing quality tooled leather goods. We make a wide variety of leather products and take custom orders often. Open inside The Castle November 24-27th and December 1st-4th, 8th-11th, and 15th-31st.

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The Castle Christmas Shoppe

Create your own holiday displays with lights, holiday inflatables, animated sculptures, and unique collectibles. Find ice sculptures, holiday plush toys, ornaments, and more, all at unbeatable savings! Inside The Castle every night The Castle is open indoors.

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The Castle Gift Shoppe

Take some Castle Christmas home with you! One of a kind mementos and unique gifts for everyone. Renaissance Festival souvenirs, faery collectibles, jewelry, t-shirts, mugs, and more! Purchase Fireworks for your New Year’s Eve celebrations every night December 17th through December 31st. Open inside The Castle every night The Castle is open indoors.

name on rice

Your Name on Rice

Unique custom jewelry pieces that contain a grain of rice with your name or a special message. Available every night The Castle is open indoors.


The Medieval Mapmaker

From the princess bride to the state parks of North America this eclectic and talented artist creates one of a kind maps..

my-treasuresMy Treasures by Kelly Raney

One of a kind hand created bead work for everyone. Want something custom made for that special someone? Ask and you shall receive.

face-painting-1Frankie’s Face Painting

Frankie can do it all, From a small flower on your cheek to a full face painting the possibilities are endless.


Gypsy Spirit

One of a kind hand crafted sweater coats, and gypsy attire for any size and any age.


Kutt’n Up Klay

Hand thrown pottery for every room of the house. Ceramic jewelry, bowls, cutlery, and fixtures for that last minute gift for a special someone.


Lenore’s Absintery

Come visit the Green Faerie and make you own Absinthe. Special concoctions in many flavors to choose from.

fudgeFudge and Nuts

Real fudge made with love and many flavors to choose. The great Hall will have the aroma of slow roasted nuts with several varieties sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.


Twisted Family Creations

Made in Oklahoma merchant where Each piece is made from wood that is downed from storms or had to come down due to threats to property, animals, people, etc. Each piece is totally unique and cannot be duplicated. Every piece is signed, dated, numbered, and bears the Made In Oklahoma insignia.


Knife Shoppe

Prepare thy self for a Zombie Apocalypse with real MRE’s to survive and then pick up one of the many unique blades to get out alive!!


Stuff It Up

Create your own snuggly plush toys! Choose your animal, and then watch as it is stuffed full of joy! Holiday Special: $20 for a large stuffed animal, with a heart, birth certificate, and carry bag. Inside The Castle every night The Castle is open indoors.

We are accepting applications for merchants for Christmas 2016!
Please contact Marie Bruner at (918)687-3625 for information about booth space and fees, or complete the application below and send to: 

2016 Castle Christmas Merchant Application