Zombie Run Registration

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 Runner Registration

Be Prepared! The Zombies are Coming! Early Registration (through August 31st): $30

Hurry Up! The Zombies are Coming! Registration (through September 9th): $40

The Zombies are here! Registration onsite on race day: $50

Registration gets you: A fantastic runner’s bib so you can be identified, a runner’s reward bag with t-shirt and completion medal (Survivor or Infected, based on your outcome), sponsor coupons and information, a ticket to the Opening Weekend of the Halloween Festival at The Castle on September 30th and October 1st, and a ticket for 1 free drink at the pub during the after-party. NOT TO MENTION the bragging rights you get from surviving this obstacle challenge filled with hungry zombies.
Unless, of course, you don’t. But of course, you will. Because you are prepared. Aren’t you?

We’ve streamlined our system for 2016 registration to make check in on run day faster (better to avoid brain-eating)!
You may: register only yourself, register multiple runners at one time, OR purchase registrations for others, but not run yourself. Please follow the instructions on the registration link below to confirm your participation in this awesome event. After beginning the process, your cart will time out in 10 minutes, so…

1. READ THIS FIRST! When you click to purchase your registration, you will be asked to agree to abide by The Rules (opens in a new tab or window).
2. READ THIS SECOND! When you click to purchase your registration, you will be asked if you have seen and agreed to the Participant Release (opens in a new tab or window).
3. AFTER you have read the Rules and the Release: Register with us ON SITE from 1-4pm!


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