Q: How much are tickets for the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival? Where can I purchase tickets for the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival?

A: You can find prices and a link to purchase tickets by clicking the tickets link above.

Q: Do you have wheelchairs available?

A: Unfortunately, we do not have a reliable onsite scooter source to refer customers to. The Castle does own two scooters which may be available each day of the festival to rent. They are first come first serve.

Q: Do you have costumes available for rent?

A: We do not currently have costumes available for rent. We hope to have that option available for Renaissance of 2022.

Q: What are the hours and days of the festival?

A: We open each Saturday and Sunday, May 1st through June 6th. The Ticket Booth is open from 10 am-6 pm each day, the Castle Gates will open at 10:30 am and may remain open longer than the ticket booth, depending on the current crowd level.

Q: Will you still be open if it is raining?

A: Yes, we are a rain or shine festival. Playing in the rain is fun, just make sure you don’t wear your best shoes!

Q: What are the hours and day for student day?

A: Student Day has been postponed to 2022.

Q: How do I sign up for Student day?

A: Student Day has been postponed to 2022.

Q: Is the Castle handicapped accessible?

A: The entire Castle and most of the Castle grounds are wheelchair accessible. If you have any special needs, call The Castle of Muskogee at (918) 687-3625, and we will be happy to assist you.

Q: How much is parking?

A: Free parking is available for up to 25,000 people per day. VIP parking is available for $10 per car (cash only).

Q: My costume has a weapon, may I wear it to the festival?

A: Yes, but your weapon must be sheathed and peace tied (this does not apply to guns. This property prohibits guns of any type)

Q: Can my pet come to the festival with me?

A: We have a Service dog only policy. Your service animal (Dog or miniature horse) are always welcome. More info HERE. Local kennels.

Q: Are Credit/Debit cards accepted at the festival?

A: Yes, we accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express cards. There is also an ATM available at the Bank of London, Remembrance Gift Shop, Castleton Branch, and the Pirate’s Plunder shop.

Q: Where is First Aid available?

A: First Aid kits are available at each pub on site. If you require medical attention, you may ask anyone with a red medallion and name tag. There are many qualified individuals on-site that are just a walkie-talkie away.

Q: Where is lost and found located?

A: It is located at the ticket booth at the main entrance.

Q: Where are the restrooms located?

A: Restrooms can be found wherever you find a sign labeled “Privy.”

Q: Where is each event located

A: Click here for a map of the Castle Grounds

Q: Is the Castle available for rent for wedding ceremonies?

A: Yes, but ONLY the months of January & February. Please contact Becky at        (918) 687-3625 or becky@okcastle.com. She will assist with preparations for your big day.

Q: Where can I find lodging while at the festival?

A: Lodging

Q: Who takes all the great photos for the website, and that is showcased on your Facebook Page www.facebook.com/thecastleofmuskogee

A: Go HERE for our photo credits.